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bus.group is a creative service for metaphysical sightseeing. We develop contemporary visual content in close partnership with clients across the corporate and cultural stage. Consider us the stunt doubles of graphic design, render whisperers of CGI and trip sitters of brand strategy. We’ll be your leading lady, background extra, design director and production runner.


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Manuel Birnbacher (founder), Daniel Schnitterbaum (founder), Sophia Brinkgerd, Jun Hyeok Shin, Felix Feldmann, Hermione Flynn, Artur Krutov, Jack Lemonidis, Sasha Serdyukova

Selected Clients

Art Basel, Babor, Balenciaga, Cartier, Deutsche Bahn, Ferragamo, Instagram, Maybach, Nike, Nomos Glashütte, Rimowa, Visa, Woolmark

Work with us

We are looking to expand our team via project-based freelance roles and dedicated full-time positions. Current opportunities can be found below:

  • CGI Artist

    We have an opening for a full-time senior role. Long-term experience in Cinema 4D, Redshift is required. Skills in Houdini, Marvelous and Unreal are a plus.

How to apply

Please send your application (portfolio, cover letter and resume) to jobs@bus.group with the respective role included as subject header. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please note, we can’t reply to every application. Thanks for your understanding!



Nikolai Sivertsen


Ollie George


Diatype (Dinamo)



Interstitial wear

CGI and 3D animation for the global launch of the Zig CR shoe by Maison Margiela and Reebok. First launched during the Artisanal SS19 show, the ongoing collaboration between Maison Margiela and Reebok is reinforced once again by a new silhouette in SS22 – the Zig CR. As part of its global launch, bus.group were asked to bring the new model to life, revealing its form with fly-through intimacy and the trio of colour-ways that are now available to purchase worldwide.


From A to V

CGI and 3D animation for the Mono V utensil series.

Founded over 125 years ago, the heritage German cutlery company expands its lettering of cuts to a new series of utensils. Mono V introduces a technology of precision to expand its production method. bus.group have developed a set of stills and animations that introduce their form.


Scoring High

3D and 2D animation for the launch event of Juventus x Liberal Youth Ministry limited edition collection at Dover Street Market LA and NY

Celebrating the community of LA and its on-site presence, the iconic soccer club Juventus collaborated with the Mexican fashion brand Liberal Youth Ministry on an exclusive capsule collection made out of re-interpreted Juventus jerseys. The collection was launched and sold exclusively at Dover Street Market LA. bus.group produced animated assets in line with the concept developed and implemented by BAM.


Lid it, bid it, try it, buy it

CGI and 3D animation for the launch of JOOPITER, a new auction house for today's collectors.

For the launch of JOOPITER and the invitation for Pharrell Williams’ "Son of a Pharaoh" auction in SoHo (NYC), bus.group created a set of digital card tricks with a smokey sleight of hand.


Big guru energy

CGI and 3D animation for the 50+50 anniversary campaign of SCI-ARC.

Across a year-long programme of events and initiatives, the world-renowned school of architecture looks in both directions to celebrate its past and future. bus.group have worked with @playlabinc to develop an accompanying visual presence that gives collective voice to the junctions of 50+50: morphing messiah, holy water and cultish monuments included.


A polyphony of performance

3D animation and 2D motion design for an incubation platform by Woolmark.

Designed to award emerging talent for forward-thinking solutions in performance textile design, Woolmark invited On and Salewa to initiate projects for the challenge’s participants in their respective ‘Running’ and ‘Ski/Mountain’ categories.

bus.group developed a campaign that defines a connective visual thread across the finalists’ diversity of concepts and material. Inspired by Franco Grignani’s iconic Woolmark logo design, we produced a winding 3D protagonist that takes center stage across all projects, weaving the finalist’s polyphonic results into one multi-layered narration.


Is vodka a carb?

Direction and production of a concept film by the House of Carbonadi.

Carbonadi revitalises the process of spirit production in its unique integration of the black diamond. Passed through 2,000 carats of ‘carbonados’, the processes removes impurities that standard filtration methods cannot to produce a supremely clean spirit. bus.group produced and directed a short film that illuminates Carbonadi’s vision, revealing its conceptual craft via a study of textures and crawling sequences.


Tuning (back) up

CGI and 3D animation for the 2022 edition of PITCH.

After an extended period of distance between bodies and movement, bus.group were asked to create visuals for the returning music and arts festival in Victoria, Australia. We worked with PITCH to produce a playful 3D-driven film that combines surreal materialities against minimalist studio environments.

"Bringing together a community of like-minded individuals for our fifth edition, we welcome you back to the tranquil Grampian plains for an aural experience of electronic music and an assembly of visual delights."


Have you heard of pragmatic mythology?

From bus with love: our first ever signature shirt will be available for order soon in a limited edition of 100. Our first piece of merchandising – the PRAGMATIC MYTHOLOGY tee – is produced as a limited run in collaboration with silkscreen studio Merch and Destroy. For all the daydreamers, creative vanguards and design clairvoyants - the t-shirt is tailored for all measurements of mythos.


Might bruk your heart

CGI and 3D animation for the third release of BRUK records.

BRUK is a musical platform for fresh variations on the soundsystem ethic, developed as an artist-focused endeavour and geared towards producers with range, depth and ingenuity in their sound.

The third release invites Cassius Select into the label’s density of sonic textures: “hinting at the anthemic while remaining steadfastly cool and deadly, Cassius Select’s mutant brand of club has the space and versatility to slip between scenes, doing damage wherever it lands.”

Game on for the shake!


Heated sightseeing

CGI and 3D animation for an eyewear brand’s collection campaign.

Web Eyewear introduces its latest optic offering for this year’s summer collection. bus.group developed a softly rugged world to frame the sunglasses inside a free-flying 3D animation.


Arriving on Panamera

CGI for a self-study on the idyllic supercar photography of the 1970s and 80s.

bus.group worked with HAW-LIN SERVICES and RGBERLIN to twist this era of imagery into an unknown age of travel. In the fog of an otherworldly landscape, the Porsche Panamera voyages across a rugged terrain.


Timeless precision

CGI and 3D animation for a global campaign by luxury goods brand Cartier.

The Culture of Design film showcases the seven-strong collection of watches and jewellery within dynamic movement and fine lighting. bus.group worked with Haw-lin Services to produce the film and elevate each piece’s allure and precision.


Long views and deep wilds

CGI and 3D animation for a product campaign by Canada Goose.

HUMANATURE signals a new era of sustainable, ethical production for the winter clothing company. The Standard Expedition Parka is made from recycled and undyed fabrics and 100% responsibly sourced down and reclaimed fur.

bus.group produced a 3D campaign film that unveils the Parka within a cocooned, arctic world. The animation travels inside and outward, revealing its arctic technology.


New ties for an old bow

CGI and 3D animation for a campaign film of an Italian luxury goods brand.

Salvatore Ferragamo launches a collection of bags that re-work its signature Vara Bow. Originally conceived by Fiamma Ferragamo in 1978, the bow’s iconicity is updated within a contemporary silhouette.

bus.group were asked to realise a 3D-driven campaign film that re-imagines the bow in fluid motion, centring the bag within a surreal architectural scape.


Two becomes one

CGI and 3D animation for the rebranding of Siematic.

The lifestyle and kitchen company introduces a new signet in their move toward a new audience of cooking. bus.group have developed a series of 3D films to introduce the logomark, visualised within fluid and metallic environments.


Don’t judge a typeface by its texture

CGI and 3D animation for the website of type foundry Dinamo.

For the launch of Dinamo 3.0, bus.group selected characters from each of the foundry’s twenty-five typefaces and gave them some extra skin. The animated CGI extrusions were deployed across the website — ABC3D style.


Beethoven’s gemstone

CGI and 3D animation for the visual framework of Musikfest Berlin.

During the Beethoven jubilee year, the month-long programme pulls together instrumental and vocal ensembles as part of its orchestral festival for the music of our times. For the 2020 edition, bus.group developed a trail of 3D imagery that encrusted rock around its rhythm.


No feeding on the dancefloor

Visual identity and supporting CGI for the music festival Nachtiville.

Following the party trail left by Nachtdigital last year, another musical offering arrives from its makers. For Nachtiville's debut by the Baltic Sea, bus.group developed a playful identity and 3D-driven artwork that welcomes its arrivals with a waddling, winter mascot.


I’ve found my solemate

CGI and 3D animation for a sneaker campaign by Marco Polo.

For the FW20 collection, bus.group produced a kinetic 3D animation that reveals the two-shoe pairing within an abstracted environment.


Melodic ecologies

CGI and 3D animation for the album artwork of band Jeans for Jesus.

19xx_2xxx_ is the third LP of Swiss band J4J. For the supporting imagery, bus.group transformed 3D scans of the band members into eco-mythical figureheads.


Lag-free shopping

CGI and 3D animation for a digitally driven shopping experience.

Project RetailCX is a “highly configurable in-store system” that comprises storage robots, interactive screens and output compartment. bus.group were commissioned by Knapp to produce supporting 3D imagery as part of the project’s international launch.


My little precious

CGI and 3D animation for a product launch by skincare company BABOR.

The Precious Collection is a seven day program that combines high performing, active ingredients into an ampoule-sized delivsery. The campaign film produced by bus.group amplifies the collection’s fluid properties and product offering.


Just in ‘case

CGI and 3D animation for the first chapter of the Rimowa Design Prize, designed by zak.group.

The Rimowa Design Prize – launching its first chapter from October 2022 to April 2023 – is a collaboration with 15 top design universities. Each will be offering its students the opportunity to showcase work around their interpretation of Rimowa’s grand theme of ‘mobility’. For this special occasion, we sculpted and animated a 3D interpretation of the prize’s fine-lined logo by zak.group.


Weightless function

CGI & 3D animation for the XPS 13 Plus product film by Dell.

Exposing its reduction in form and enhancement of function, bus.group have produced a product film that draws a horizon across Dell’s reformed XPS 13 Plus. In search of a harmonising visual that illuminates the boundaries between light and dark, noise and calm, function and intention, the film renders an explorative movement from one state towards another.


Fang Gang CGI for the fourth album by Post Malone, ‘Twelve Carat Toothache’.Released last Friday via Republic Records, the rapper and singer finds darker introspection in his latest LP. Across the fourteen-track record, Post Malone battles with depression, addiction and the gleeful lows of fame. In collaboration with PlayLab, bus.group have gnawed typography into the album’s visual accompaniment.


Chained up for spring

3D animation featuring elements developed for the ready-to-wear Spring 2020 collection of Balenciaga.

The work was debuted during Paris Fashion Week to an audience dispersed within a swirling blue production. Chain imagery was produced for use within a ready-to-wear silhouette and brought to life inside a swirling animation.


A routine roll call

CGI and 3D animation for a series of product campaigns by skincare company BABOR.

For their Sea Creation and Reversive and Valentine’s Day campaigns, bus.group produced a set of product sceneries that suspended the skincare collection in motion.


How does the future smell?

Animated outtakes for an editorial feature entitled The Doors of (Multi-Sensory) Perception.

MOLD is a magazine about the future of food and investigates the potential of ‘designing food’ across interviews, editorials and critical essays. For the fourth issue, Designing for the Senses, bus.group were commissioned to envision a new model for perception, worn amongst a text by Maria Jimena Ricatti.


How does the future smell?

3D outtakes for an editorial feature entitled The Doors of (Multi-Sensory) Perception.

MOLD is a magazine about the future of food and investigates the potential of ‘designing food’ across interviews, editorials and critical essays. For the fourth issue, Designing for the Senses, bus.group were commissioned to envision a new model for perception, worn amongst a text by Maria Jimena Ricatti.


You need your eyes tested

CGI and 3D animation for an eyewear brand’s campaign film.

bus.group provided the modelling and animation for the Sportmax FW19 eyewear campaign. The film emphasises the strong and experimental shapes of the collection, with a nod to its active geometry.


Dimensions of debate

CGI for the web shop of a product design studio’s collection.

The young, Berlin-based venture Argument proposes a new perspective on design, understanding its collection of furniture as something discursive where objects ‘become arguments’ in themselves. bus.group augmented the website of Argument with fine 3D imagery for the collection’s launch campaign.


Did you hear the story of the golden wurst?

CGI and 3D animation for a Rimowa sticker pack.

The collection brought together iconic Berlin imagery, allowing travellers and seasoned Berliners the chance to board with a piece of the German capital. bus.group modelled a golden currywurst for the pack, in a collaboration with Studio Marek Polewski.


Artificial Teller Machine

3D modelling, texturing and rendering for a short campaign animation.

bus.group was commissioned to produce imagery for the financial company Liechtensteinische Landesbank. The animation unmasks the inner mechanisms of a robotic figure.


Balenciaga Royale

3D animation featuring elements developed for the ready-to-wear Spring 2019 collection of Balenciaga.

bus.group created an eccentric, casino-themed print, produced as full-form patterning within a dress, shirt and scarf silhouette. The pieces were presented during Paris Fashion Week inside a blockbuster, multi-reality show – a collaboration between Demna Gvasalia, Jon Rafman and Ezra Miller.


Sònar-powered wings

3D animation for a music festival’s stage programming.

SonarDôme is a longstanding partnership between Red Bull Music and Sònar Festival. For the 2018 edition, bus.group were asked to produce its supporting kinetic visuals.


Double dating

CGI for a campaign film of Nomos Glashütte’s most celebrated watchpiece.

The Tangente Update introduces a two-dot date ring around the watch’s dial, a style attributed to 'the new neomatik caliber within'. bus.group provided the concept, modelling and animation for the 3D-driven campaign.


24-carat imagery

CGI for a luxury jewellery event held in Berlin.

The Salon of Rare Beauty is a two-day jewellery and watch salon, hosted by FUSION at the Ritz-Carlton in Berlin. For the private event, bus.group were asked to produce a collection of 3D imagery to sit amongst its event material.


Scans of the Zodiac

3D imagery for a musical project by actor and musician Edison Chen.

The Monkey King unites two figures — a series of 3D scans of Chen, with another of Ai Weiwei’s artwork The Monkey — into an emotive, golden figurehead.


If you didn’t see the render, did you even wear the shoe?

CGI and 3D animation for a global campaign launch of the Balenciaga Triple S.

bus.group produced a teaser film for Balenciaga and provided full concept, modelling and animation. Though, even before our machine had finished rendering, the Triple S had already incited industry riot.


Bad objects, found lands

CGI and 3D animation for an editorial interlude within the second issue of This is Badland.

Pronadeni Objekti is a series of four objects ‘found’ by bus.group between 2017 and 2018. The names attributed to these sculptures are Mali Zmaj, Dvostruka Vjšala, Bakin Hrast and Janjeće Iznutrice.

bus.group welcome any further discoveries of those caught between lands.


Seeing double in the filter bubble

CGI and 3D animation for an editorial collaboration with filter artist Johanna Jaskowska.

In a pursuit for 'more than a filter', Johanna Jaskowska comes face-to-face with her replica Johwska. Together with Jaskowska, bus.group augmented the photography of Alex de Brabant within a surreal cult of self. Narcisse was featured in the third issue of This is Badland, Larger Than Life.


You smell like you sound

CGI and 3D animation for an album artwork.

In 2017, Swiss band J4J released their second musical offering – an eclectic album entitled P R O. For its supporting artwork, BUS developed 3D imagery of the LP’s ‘scent’, rendered out as a sleek flacon and filled with sonic smell.


Wrap up, break down

CGI and 3D animation for the second release of BRUK.

BRUK is a musical platform for fresh variations on the soundsystem ethic, developed as an artist-focused endeavour and geared towards producers with range, depth and ingenuity in their sound.

The second release sees producer Siete Catorce unravel his sonic influences of Latin America and futural techno abstraction. The Temperatura EP is fractured, rhythmic and in constant shift.


Wrap up your bruk

CGI and creative direction for a music label’s inaugural release.

"BRUK is a new platform for fresh variations on the soundsystem ethic, developed as an artist-focused endeavour and geared towards producers with range, depth and ingenuity in their sound." Beside the chopping first statement from Josh Thompson's FFT alias, bus.group produced abstracted imagery to cover the sleeve in its own sheathed visual.